ARMENIAN WEDDING TRADITIONS: THE RED AND GREEN RIBBON CEREMONY As Armenians, we now have many stunning wedding traditions to select from. One of well known Armenian wedding traditions is the blocking associated with doorway that is carried out by family relations on the bride’s part once the groom and bride are leaving the bride’s household. Typically a family that is male through the bride’s part will block the entranceway and require getting compensated so that you can enable the bride to go out of her family members’ house. Quite often this role associated with the “bouncer” is completed by the bride’s cousin, relative, or more youthful male general. Often there clearly was just one bouncer along with other times you can find a few who partner together to obtain the working work done. Quite often the bouncer holds a sword to block the doorway. In terms of whom pays up, it is influenced by the household. Often the groom will probably pay the bouncer off, in other cases oahu is the “kavor” (bestman), along with other times it really is another member of the family through the groom’s part. And how much do these bouncers expect you’ll receive money? Well, this really is as much as the bouncer to choose! It is customary when it comes to very first offer to be a lesser amount of, and also for the bouncer to reject it (you’ll often see this captured in videos using the bouncer shaking their head no). The following greater offer often satisfies the bouncer. Otherwise, other users of the groom’s household, such as the groom’s father step in and gives more money to help make the deal undergo. Many families have a large amount of enjoyable using this tradition and personalize it to make it their particular. Listed here is several of the most popular shots for this unique wedding day tradition that is armenian. […]