Sexpert Q/A: How could I learn how to deal with an unsatisfying sex life?

Sexpert Q/A: How could I learn how to deal with an unsatisfying sex life? My gf and I also were dating and residing together for taking place couple of years, and libido distinctions carry on being issue for all of us. Although we love each other quite definitely and therefore are excessively interested in one another (it’s always good whenever it happens), we’ve been down to about when a week, where before it had been between 2 to 3 times per week. I’ve a tremendously high libido and also 3 x per week is somewhat annoying for me personally. A week and she’s a PhD student while we’re both young and fairly in shape, we’re also very busy; I work six days. It is found by her really difficult to transition from work mode to intercourse mode, even though we simply take hours of time to cuddle, therapeutic massage, view television etc. All sorts of things it annoying to have to think about it that she just doesn’t want sex very much and actually finds. She’s attempted and also promised different times to improve the total amount or work it never works, and in fact the problem has steadily gotten worse; we recently went over two weeks without having sex on it, but. She does not realize why we can’t be pleased with when a week, as she contends, i’m yes precisely, that lots of partners are fine with this quantity. During our last fight concerning the issue, she stated that she’s just not so intimate. It’s reasonably clear now that things aren’t likely to alter on her behalf end, therefore I have actually to determine simple tips to deal with once weekly. Intercourse is very important if you ask me as soon as a just leaves me feeling unfulfilled and even miserable at times week. My gf is totally not able to appreciate this, just like I’m completely struggling to comprehend her low libido. I guess my question is: how do I figure out how to deal with a sex life that is unsatisfying? I really like my girlfriend and she’s otherwise a partner that is wonderful.< [...]