Per day into the Life of an Admission Counselor: Recruiting Students in NYC

Per day into the Life of an Admission Counselor: Recruiting Students in NYC Question: Have you seen that movie, Admission with Tina Fey? Is your job really like that? Yes, I’ve seen that movie. In fact, I watched it on a Virgin America flight a years that are few on my way to NYC for certainly one of my recruitment trips (How meta is?) Tina Fey plays an admission counselor from an extremely selective university, and there’s a scene of her doing highschool visits that made me personally giggle a little too difficult in my aisle seat (ok, fine…it was a middle seat). Tina does several vocal warm-ups and psychs herself up before reciting the same exact presentation about her college several times a day. This week starts my recruitment trip that is first of period in New York City, and I’ll be visiting four to five high schools each and every day to discuss the USC experience. Our applicant pool is large and diverse and my candidates’ understanding of USC and the college admission process will be different dramatically. Following are some of the places where you will discover me students that are meeting fall in new york! 1) Visiting High Schools As you’re finishing up your Calculus test or running from Drama or MUN, i am probably within the town on the subway traveling to one of my numerous school that is high in NYC. Typically, this is actually the very easiest way to move around the city, but we had been once stuck underground for over three hours. If I don’t appear […]