It might be described as a disgrace to all Seto Mermaids in the event that you don’t check this out review, because “Honor among thieves is honor underneath the Seas.” You’ll hear the main female lead, Sun Seto, state this signature line at least one time per episode in Funimation’s brand brand new romantic comedy, the BRIDE IS REALLY A MERMAID.

The fundamental plot of this tale is the fact that Nagasumi (our hero) is conserved from drowning by Sun Seto (the mermaid). Nevertheless, Mermaid Law states that when a mermaid is seen by a human the mermaid (and/or the individual) has to perish. The perfect solution is for this nagging issue is needless to say to have them get hitched!

Admittedly, from reading the plot summary, and simply from the name with this series, you could assume that this is merely another run of this mill harem show with a contrived plot that doesn’t matter. As you could be right about any of it being fully a harem show, this might be far more than simply another child needs to marry seafood woman to prevent death anime. Just picture The Little Mermaid along with A japanese yakuza household and a small dash of Azumanga Daioh, and you also might have My Bride is really a Mermaid. This review is for 1st 13 episodes.

Nagasumi is visiting their Grandma at the Seto water and has been teased by their dad about not to be able to swim. Next scene, he’s screaming for aid within the ocean, and sinking below the area, in which the very last thing he views is exactly what appears to be a… mermaid? When he involves, their dad is throwing him saying they’ve been searching for him for four hours, and then find him resting. Nagasumi attempts to no avail to inform their dad he had been almost was and drowned saved by way of a mermaid. Their dad laughs and ignores him because everyone knows that mermaids don’t occur!

He continues to you will need to persuade their moms and dads, until the woman in question walks from the shadows and asks Nagasumi to just just take duty for just what occurred among them. He is asked by her to marry her. Their dad gets upset (since their son evidently has attracted a sweet woman, while he’s stuck with their spouse) and busts out their kept hook. Then Masa (a dandy who’s a winner guy), comes to “invite” them to your Seto home. Nagasumi’s mother instantly lusts over Masa. Then Nagasumi and their moms and dads are pushed down a cliff to the ocean, in a obvious attempt to destroy them. He is unconscious, which prompts Masa to give him mouth to mouth, taking his first kiss when he wakes up, Nagasumi pretends. This concludes up being another operating gag, for whenever either Nagasumi or their mom see Masa, they both get goo goo eyes for him. They meet the mind associated with Seto Gang, who simply is actually Sun’s daddy, and does in contrast to the notion of a human marrying his sweet child (which takes place to have been their wife’s concept), and attempts to destroy Nagasumi at every possibility. And this ended up being simply the very first episode!

After that the comedy ramps up even further whilst the tried assassinations have even wilder. Poor Nagasumi cannot also simply just just take Sun on a romantic date without worrying all about their life (chocolate covered weapon, anybody?). If which was all he had to bother about, he’d have their fingers complete. On dry land a mermaid has feet the same as human’s, however if they have wet (bad pun totally meant) their feet develop into fins. Works out, Sun is a total water magnet. She’s clumsy and it is constantly within the means of water. Nagasumi goes all out to test and hide her key, and concludes up purchasing her a band, which she quickly loses, and her daddy discovers. It is amazing that Nagasumi helps it be through the night with simply a complete human body cast! At this true point not even half the characters into the show were introduced yet!

Later on we meet Maki the conch, a small assassin who shoots an limitless method of getting water bullets, and who’s also away to kill Nagasumi. Then in comes Nagasumi’s childhood buddy, Mawari Zenigata, whom unbeknown to her features a crush on him. Then we obtain the pop idol, Lunar, who’s sweet to the general general ukrainian wife dating website public but just isn’t excellent (and discusses herself in 4th person), and that is additionally a childhood and mermaid buddy of Sun’s. Lunar wants revenge if you are beaten by Sun in a kindergarten performing contest, therefore she sets down to just simply take Nagasumi as her man servant. Toss in a cast of the walking Shark named Fujishiro, a child known as Chimp, an octopus called Nakajima, moms and dads whom blame him for everything, and you’ve got insanity that is pure. Will Nagasumi also survive to your big day?

The cast has some talent that is new additionally having the backing of veteran sound actors. Nagasumi is voiced by Todd Haberkorn, that will be named Watanuki from Holic and Death the Kid of Soul Eater. Sun Seto gets her sound from new comer Alexis Tipton, whom plays Emi Kizaki in Linebarrels of Iron. Masa is Chris Sabat, an actor that is veteran played Vegeta and Piccolo of DBZ popularity. Maki the Conch is played by the Monica that is ever insane Rial who’s additionally the sound of Momoka in Sgt. Frog. Mawari gets her sound from Cherami Leigh, whom was Tamaki in Bamboo Blade and Setsuna in Negima. Then top it off using the show being narrated by Linda younger whom sounds Genkai in Yu Yu Hakusho. This show possesses ton of veteran and new skill, which brings about the very best of both its comedy and feeling.

Don’t allow name or summary with this show place you down, like it did for me in the beginning. This show is one nonstop comedy trip, the jokes never stop and this is the very first half! It shows more heart compared to a harem series that is normal. We give it 7 octopus tentacles away from 8 (you get the idea) if you watch what Nagasumi’s mother is eating in episode 2 and what’s missing from Nakajima later, well,.

As we now know: Honor among thieves, is honor under the seas if you do not watch this show it will be a disgrace to ALL Seto Mermaids, because!