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moncler jackets for women The topping out ceremony of Astrazeneca on the Biomedical Campus. (Image: Warren Gunn)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThe potential treatment, Imfinzi, developed by AZ and its Cambridge based research arm MedImmune, was being trialed on patients with advanced, stage III lung cancer, a condition where survival rates are low. A planned interim analysis conducted by an independent data monitoring committee concluded that the trial has already met a primary endpoint by showing statistically significant and clinically meaningful progression free survival (PFS), as assessed by blinded independent central review, in patients receiving Imfinzi compared to placebo.Huge fir tree swung around Astrazeneca’s new building for good luckSean Bohen, executive vice president for global medicines development, and chief medical officer moncler outlet jackets at AstraZeneca, said: “These are highly encouraging results for patients with locally advanced lung cancer for whom surgery is not an option moncler jackets for women.